GoPro Hero 4 Silver for travel

Mike - 22 June 2015

Over the last few years GoPro has become a powerful brand fusing extreme sports and high definition video. It’s hard to believe that YouTube existed before GoPro. Whether you are watching a video of somebody surfing, skateboarding, base jumping, rock climbing or mountain biking, there is a high chance the footage was taken on a GoPro. As newer models of the Hero range of cameras have been released, specifications have been creeping up. New features have made the cameras increasingly attractive to people outside of the company’s traditional market. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver is the first GoPro to include a built in touchscreen LCD. The ability to take high quality photos and videos for a relatively low price make this version extremely appealing

Current range of Hero cameras

For full details of the current GoPro range, the best place to look is the official site.

Hero 4 Silver

For many uses this is probably the best GoPro. The touchscreen LCD allows you to preview photos and frame shots much more easily. This isn’t at the expense of quality with this middle of the range camera offering 12MP stills and 1080p video at 60fps.

GoPro 4 SilverGoPro 4 Silver

Hero 4 Black

The top of the range model in terms of price and resolutions available, but lacking an LCD screen. With the ability to record 4k video at 30fps the Black model is definitely aimed at professionals. The touchscreen LCD is bound to be added in the next version, but its’ absence makes the cheaper Silver look like a more attractive proposition for general use.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver for travel

When the original GoPro Hero camera was released, it was very much a specialist product. It was an amazing device if you were looking to record the moment you caught that huge wave or threw yourself out of a plane, but it wasn’t great for your Average Joe wanting some decent holiday snaps. As the range of products has evolved, this has changed. You can pretty much guarantee that whether you are looking at the Eiffel Tower, marvelling the Grand Canyon or exploring Vatican City, numerous people close by are using a GoPro. The GoPro 4 Silver is tiny and literally fits in your pocket, allowing you to easily take high quality 12MP photos at opportunistic moments. GoPro cameras have always excelled with video, but with the latest incarnations they can now take excellent photos, suitable for various situations

One of the main advantages of a GoPro for travelling is the amount of abuse they can put up with. The external waterproof case means you don’t need to worry about the camera receiving impacts that would render other cameras useless.

Video example

GoPro official launch video for Hero 4 cameras

Photo examples

Examples of unmodified photos taken with the GoPro in different situations:

Low light shot taken at Grjótagjá in Iceland on GoPro 4 SilverLow light shot taken at Grjótagjá in Iceland on GoPro 4 Silver

Close up shot taken at Berlin Wall on GoPro 4 SilverClose up shot taken at Berlin Wall on GoPro 4 Silver

Ice climbing in Iceland taken with GoPro 4 SilverIce climbing in Iceland taken with GoPro 4 Silver

Photo taken with burst mode 30/1s on GoPro 4 SilverPhoto taken with burst mode 30/1s on GoPro 4 Silver

GoPro 4 Silver selfie stick photo shot taken in the Peak District, UKGoPro 4 Silver selfie stick photo shot taken in the Peak District, UK

GoPro 4 Silver mounted to our rental car in IcelandGoPro 4 Silver mounted to our rental car in Iceland

Mounts and accessories

GoPro cameras can be mounted pretty much anywhere and most mounts aren’t too pricey. If you prefer, you can find cheap unbranded versions of the official GoPro mounts on eBay and Amazon.

Useful mounts:

  • Selfie stick/GoPro pole for photos of yourself
  • Suction mount for car or a flat surface
  • Chest mount for sports
  • Handle bar mount for bikes or anything thin enough to clamp onto
  • Helmet mount for… helmets.

Best camera for travel?

The GoPro 4 Silver is my travel camera of choice. It doesn’t replace a DSLR, but it does supplement it nicely. With the correct mounts you can get otherwise impossible shots. It is virtually indestructible and the small size makes it great for carrying in hand luggage or a day pack.