Emma: Top Five Countries to Visit

Emma - 05 March 2015

What would you answer if someone asked you to pick your top five countries to visit right now, and why?


Achingly beautiful ancient culture bustles side-by-side with cutting edge modernity, all superimposed on wonderful natural landscape. The culture fills me with curiosity, as do twee details such as cat cafes, love hotels, and Harajuku fashion.

Top Five Countries To Visit: JAPANTop Five Countries To Visit: JAPAN


I’ve both dreamed of and feared going to India for as long as I can remember. I relish the mild panic of culture shock, and India is guaranteed to make an impression with its vivid colours, bold flavours, energetic people, and immense variety.

Top Five Countries To Visit: INDIATop Five Countries To Visit: INDIA


Summertime offers midnight sun, dramatic landscapes, and a road trip dream. Winter tempts with northern lights, orca sightings, and hot springs in snowy wonderlands. In any season, Iceland sounds like magic.

Top Five Countries To Visit: ICELANDTop Five Countries To Visit: ICELAND


I’m desperate to see this anachronistic country before it’s antiquated way of being melts away into modernity. With the prospect of Cuba being ‘opened up’ to America comes the promise of globalisation, taking away Cuba’s unique old world charm, complete with peeling gold paint, crumbling art deco, and valiant classic cars.

Top Five Countries To Visit: CUBATop Five Countries To Visit: CUBA


Perhaps the odd one out of the list, but the Scotland of my mind is romantically rugged and dramatic. It has heather-strewn hills, bracing winds, and soft light washing the landscape. I want to see everything from its most sea-battered outlying islands to historic Edinburgh, the cultural capital. I wouldn’t be adverse to a deep-fried Mars bar either.

Top Five Countries To Visit: SCOTLANDTop Five Countries To Visit: SCOTLAND

And finally…

There’s no South American countries on this list, simply because I couldn’t narrow them down. I want to visit them all!