Visiting the Sticky Falls in Chiang Mai

Emma - 10 December 2016

We had heard though a couple of different travel blogs of a place called ‘the sticky waterfalls’, or more correctly in Thai ‘Bua Thong’. While this might not sound pleasant, the name Sticky Waterfall is actually referring to the fact that the rock over which the water is flowing is unusually grippy, making it easy to climb up the waterfall! I knew instantly that we would be visiting the Sticky Falls in Chiang Mai.

Getting to the Sticky Falls from Chiang Mai

The sticky falls are quite far out from Chiang Mai, perhaps an hour and a half by motorbike. Getting out of Chiang Mai isn’t much fun, but at least it's only on one simple road for the majority of the journey. Once you’re into the countryside for the second half it’s empty winding rural roads.

When you get close, the only sign for the waterfall is an extremely unofficial-looking hand painted sign for Bua Thong. Trust it, and the road will take you here. The falls are free to visit, although you can make a donation to their upkeep if you choose in a discreet box near the entrance. There’s also free toilets which act as changing rooms (you’ll need to take your shoes off and use the slippers provided), but don’t expect luxury. We left our backpacks on the motorbike, since there’s so few people there.

Climbing the Sticky Falls

The fun bit! We walked to the bottom, left our shoes and Mike’s bag down there, and took our first wary steps onto the rock. Within seconds we had the hang of it and scampering up and down the waterfall turned out to be really fun! You get pretty wet, and there’s still a reasonable chance you’ll fall on your bum, but there’s ropes to help you up the more slippery bits.

Climbing the Sticky FallsCare is needed when climbing the falls, but there is a surprising amount of grip!
Climbing the Sticky Falls