Getting From Thonburi Station to Hua Lamphong Station by bus

Emma - 11 December 2016

Tourists arriving from Kanchanaburi by train can feel a bit stranded out at Thonburi Station, otherwise called Bangkok Noi. It feels a bit far from the action, and certainly far from the metros and river ferries we were getting used to. Luckily, getting from Thonburi Station to Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok is easily done using bus no.40, which runs almost the full way between them. Tackling the Bangkok bus network was nerve wracking for us, but with a bit of help from Google Maps we managed it.

Finding the bus stop

From Thonburi station, turn right and walk along the road. Take the second left (check this) which should take you due south (check this). Walk down this road for approximately 10 minutes and you will come to a big crossroads. Cross the road, but keep going straight. You should be on the left side of the road. Shortly after the crossroads will be a big blue sign, which is your bus stop! It says ‘bus’ on it, but this is sometimes partially covered in stickers.

Catching the bus

To catch the bus, you need to keep your eyes peeled, as it won't necessarily stop unless it sees that you want it to. Several other buses stop here, so ensure you get the one with ‘40’ on the electronic display.

Stand out in the road so you’re visible and put your hand out to flag the bus. Hop on at either door, it doesn't have to be the front one.

A bus attendant may indicate a seat to you. They will also take payment for your ticket. There is not one set price for a ticket, it varies depending on the distance you are going. If she walks up to you and looks expectant, tell her the name of the place you’re trying to go (in this case, ‘Hua Lamphong’ will suffice). It cost us 13 baht each.

In regards to getting off the bus, you have two options. Either follow the GPS dot on your phone to make sure you don’t miss the stop, or throw yourself at the mercy of the conductor or your fellow passengers and elicit their help. Either way, we’re sure you’ll manage just fine!

Thonburi station in Bangkok