Big Changes

Emma - 22 October 2016

Hey everyone,

We have not one but two big changes to announce this week!

First off, welcome to our shiny new website! We’ve had a complete refresh, and we hope you like the new design. The sad news is that as a result of the transition we’ve lost all your great comments on our articles. Sorry about that…

Secondly… we’re going on an adventure! After a few years of fitting travel around our full time jobs, we’ve decided to hit the big time. So we’ve both quit our jobs (lovely, safe jobs with regular pay days!) and are hitting the road for six months. In exactly nine days, four hours, and seven minutes (not that I’m counting) we’ll be heading to South East Asia to explore. I’m mega excited about our itinerary…

We’ll start by revisiting Thailand, then move through Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We’ll then be in Malaysia, Singapore and Malay Borneo, before hopping across to the Philippines, and then to Taiwan. After this, things get foggy. Perhaps we’ll go up to Japan, or down to Indonesia.

One thing we do know is that we want to keep you folks updated! So we’re joining the 21st Century and getting active on our social media.

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Wandering again...