After years of squeezing travel in while holding down office jobs, we finally succumbed to our urge to see more of the world. We are now travelling through Asia on what we hope will be the trip of a lifetime! We’re committed to travelling on a budget, squeezing in as much as we can, and experiencing new cultures head on!

We started this site as a way to share our experiences, as we always learn and benefit so much from other travel blogs. You’ll find Wandering Me to be a hodge-podge mix of stories, practical advice and impartial reviews. We run it through affiliate links, which we hope are useful for you.


Best place you’ve been?

Tagong! A ‘wild west’ village on Tibetan Plateau, with cowboy hats, wild dogs, spluttering old motorbikes… It was perfect. While Tibet itself has a lot of travel restrictions (e.g. having to travel as part of an organised tour, with a Chinese company), this village is technically across the border in Sichuan, which meant we got to explore freely. It may not have had much in the way of running water, but with yak-strewn mountains, welcoming home stays, rich Tibetan culture… I’d go back in a heart-beat.

Five places you most want to go?

Japan, India, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland!

A few words to describe you?

Adventurous, optimistic, clumsy


Best place you’ve been?

New Zealand. I think it would be impossible to pack more adventure into a single trip than the five weeks I spent in New Zealand. This is the best place in the world to try out new activities and push the boundaries of what you feel comfortable doing. The people are wonderful, the landscapes are picturesque, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the country.

Five places you most want to go?

Cuba, Peru, Canada, Norway, Iceland (again!!)

A few words to describe you?

Spontaneous, easy going, realist

Other projects

I am currently working on an innovative startup venture called InfoJolt which aims to to allow website owners to boost their page views and reduce their bounce rate by personalising their website for each user. 

In recent years I've fallen in love with podcasts. Whether it is watching scenery fly by from a train in Thailand or doing the daily commute to work in the UK, podcasts make travelling better. I've create a site called Podroot to help people discover new podcasts. It is a bit thrown together, but let me know what you think.